Anita Brown Culinary Coach has two great programs, one involving mothers and daughters and another an evening of cooking with the girls.

Mother and Daughter's

A Mother Daughter Connection – Food!

When was the last time you and your mom, and your friends and their moms, got together?  Picture a girls’ night in with the moms and daughters gathered around the kitchen counter, having fun cooking, learning useful and adaptable techniques and enjoying easy, good for you recipes.  Join Anita Brown Culinary Coach and follow along for a special evening of sharing food, learning something new and taking the time to be together.  Any day can be a special day with mom when it’s spent cooking together.

Girl’s Night In - At Home!

Spend a relaxing and fun evening with friends at home –  eating good food and learning new culinary skills – without having to raise your voice to hear each other in a restaurant.  No need to sashay up to the bar, just up to the kitchen counter to watch (participation optional) Anita Brown Culinary Coach demonstrate kitchen tricks of the trade and how to prepare quick and delicious food.

Anita Brown Culinary Coach - Girl's Night In

Here’s the Recipe for Making These Nights Cook

Goal:  Create three dishes from a selection of recipes of your choosing that are simple, delicious and good for you. All participants (maximum eight) receive copies of the recipes and taste all the dishes. 

When:  An afternoon or evening convenient for all participants.

Where: In your home or a friend’s place, or anywhere you choose!

Details:  Anita Brown Culinary Coach provides the recipes, demonstrations, instructions, and prepares the tastings ahead of time. Each session runs two hours (the Chef arrives one hour early for prep and set up and about one-half hour post-session for packing up). The host provides the serving platters, tools, beverages and cleanup.

Cost:  $400 plus food costs.

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