Success in Three Easy Steps:

Step 1: After you’ve made your initial inquiry, we’ll send you a pre-assessment questionnaire to complete and return.  It will reveal your culinary interests, tastes, knowledge, skills, pantry “preparedness” and use of kitchen tools so we can tailor a program for you.

Step 2: We’ll then set specific goals-based on your questionnaire results, which may include recipe selection and preparation, effective use of knives and kitchen tools and/or pantry preparedness.

Step 3: We’ll set up a time up to do the cooking. Instruction takes place in your own kitchen. Be prepared for immediate, instructive feedback on how you are doing. Sessions (one-time or part of a series) are generally two hours each. We recommend two sessions to begin the process.

"I learned many new tips from you and I can't wait to try the recipes on my own and experiment with other meats."

"I am making the Swiss Chard and Pine Nuts appetizer we did together, and I think about you every time I chop things using the new way of holding the knife.  I am having so much fun cooking and trying new things, with a newfound confidence."