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But if you are bothering to prepare a meal why not invest a few minutes more to flavor it another level up? IT IS WORTH IT!” Remember saying that? Well, I do and last night as I was making the Shepard’s Pie, I reached for my favorite box of Hungry Jack mashed potato flakes... heard those words in my head...put it back and made fresh mashed potatoes with the small golden potatoes in my refrigerator. They were yummy. So, thanks again for the encouragement.
Thank you. The gift was perfect. She loved your sessions and I loved the food! I intend on putting an article in monthly news so that the entire group knows about how great the experience is and of course we both will be telling others as well. Thank you again!
Once again.. you both have out done yourselves. I was so impressed. And meant to take a picture of Ashley’s gleaming smile. It’s from ear to ear as she shows me her professional display and then she hears how good they are and how much we enjoy them. Loved how they looked and tasted exactly like a 5 star restaurant.
You’ve been a highlight of Ashley’s summer. Thank you so much for working with her and being such a wonderful teacher.
— Deb, Northbrook, IL
The prep of the entree went very well and I got lots of kudos. It was delicious, looked fantastic...now I am encouraged to continue cooking thanks to your help and encouragement!
— Gil, Evanston, IL
We had such fun with you…your technique was great and your teaching style is wonderful. We all enjoyed it and I thank you for helping to make the evening such a success.
— Cam, Oak Park, IL
We have taken classes at the Chopping Block with friends/family; however, these are primarily just about having fun. We learned a lot more with Anita. We have made several meals for family and friends together and enjoy cooking together.
— Sarah, Chicago, IL
I just wanted to let you know that we had a bbq for 13 people (average age was 78) and Mere helped me. She made the orzo with tomatoes that you had taught them. It was outstanding and a huge hit!
— Judy, Highland Park, IL
I loved the presentation and shared what I learned with my hubby, since he does the everyday cooking. I do the holiday food. Thanks for a wonderful presentation.
— Alice, Buffalo Grove, IL
Anita’s experience was invaluable to me as I was picking out kitchen supplies for my wedding registry. As an older bride and groom, my husband and I had a lot of kitchen tools already. Anita helped me look over what I should keep and what needed to be thrown out or given away. She came back a couple months after our wedding and taught me how to use the gifts I received from the registry and how to properly care for them. This was truly a great investment as I believe our kitchen supplies will have a longer life and now I know how to use them and besides she’s so fun to work with.
— Jenny, Evanston, IL
I wanted to let you know the meal Debbie made this past Saturday was delicious. My oldest daughter, Alyssa, who never eats chicken, ate the entire meal and dare I say she enjoyed it. You are a great instructor and I can’t wait to eat the results of your next session with Debbie.
— Dave, Highland Park, IL